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What is considered overweight?

A pet is considered over-weight if the pet is not in the ideal weight range for its breed/size.

What is the ideal weight range for my pet?

Check with your veterinarian for a good idea on weight range. Since all pets are different they may not follow a standard weight. The chart below can help give you an ideal weight.


Average Size (Adult)

Extra Weight Per Dog Comapared to Human

Toy Breeds

Ex. Chihuahua; Yorkie

4 - 10 lbs

1 lbs extra

=31 lbs extra to people

2 lbs extra

=63 lbs extra to people

3 lbs extra

=94 lbs extra to people

Small Breeds

Ex. Boston Terriers; Pug

19 - 25 lbs

2 lbs extra

=13 lbs extra to people

4 lbs extra

= 26 lbs extra to people

6 lbs extra

=40 lbs extra to people

Medium Breeds

Ex. Border Collies; Shar Pei

35 – 50 lbs

4 lbs extra

=17 lbs extra to people

6 lbs extra

=25 lbs extra to people

8 lbs extra

=33 lbs extra to people

Large Breeds

Ex. Golden Retriever; German Shepherd

70 - 95 lbs

6 lbs extra

=11 lbs extra to people

8 lbs extra

=14 lbs extra to people

10 lbs extra

= 18 lbs extra to people

Giant Breeds

Ex. Great Dane; Mastiff; Rottweiler

130 – 160 lbs

10 lbs extra

=10 lbs extra to people

12 lbs extra

= 12 lbs extra to people

14 lbs extra

= 14 lbs extra to people

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How do I tell if my pet is overweight?

Some signs of an overweight pet are:

· When the ribs and back bone are hard to feel

· If the pets stomach is wider than the pets chest

· Pet is not as active as it used to be

· Pet is having a harder time getting around.

What do I do if I think my pet is overweight?

Check with your veterinarian before any changes are made with your pet, to make sure there are no hidden illnesses that cause the weight gain. If your veterinarian determines the pet is in overall good health, speak with them on ways to help you pet lose weight.

Is there a medication to give my pet for weight loss?

There is an effective medication to help, but your pet needs to consult a veterinarian to ensure this medication is needed. SLENTROL is the only approved medication to help decrease your dog’s appetite, therefore causing it to lose weight. The pet must be weighed often to keep at proper dosing. This medication is only available for dogs. More information may be found at the following website:

Keep in mind that SLENTROL is not a cure for obesity and should not replace adequate diet and exercise. SLENTROL is a tool to be used along with those methods of weight management. After your dog has lost weight on SLENTROL, help your dog keep it off.

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