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Urinary Problems 

Just like humans, animals can have urinary problems too.   Pets can have urinary tract infection, bladderstones, or become blocked (primarily male cats). Below are some possible signs that owners may see their pets exhibiting.

1. Multiple trips to go outside or to the cat box.

2. Red coloring or blood tinged when pet urinates, or when dripping urine.

3. Squatting a lot while trying to urinate.

If any of the signs above are happening to your pet, please contact your veterinarian.

The signs above are NOT  to be confused with a pet that is not urinating at all.  No urination means that the pet could possibly be blocked (urine cannot pass.) This happens a lot with male cats.

1. Many trips to the cat box or outside without any urination after trying.

2. Very loud vocalization. This can be a sign of pain.

3. Some pets will hide and become very lethargic.

If your pet is exhibiting the signs above, schedule an appointment to see a veterinarian as soon as possible.

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